Why I will start using Tilia Beeswax- Review

    A few days ago I received a package from Kytio full with Tilia Beeswax Ointment samples. Personally I am familiar with the beeswax as we always had at home a non-branded/no-label beeswax we could find in street markets, bazaars or a friend made for us etc. If you also have a tendency for… Continue reading Why I will start using Tilia Beeswax- Review

Pointing Greece!

If you plan to visit Athens, don't forget to step into the WINEPOINT only a few steps from the Acropolis museum, the first wine bar in Athens that serves exclusively Greek wines with "meze" (greek small bites). If you have already tasted Greek wines at WINEPOINT, then you probably know that the same team has… Continue reading Pointing Greece!

Sautéed Baby Squid with Fava and Fresh Herbs-Apollo Gourmet Restaurant, Mykonos

It is very well stated that the Apollo à la carte restaurant is a culinary landmark that combines traditional Greek recipes and inspired modern creations, meeting the Relais & Châteaux standards of excellence. The following pictures will show clearly the top class services in an amazing landscape. Straight from the Myconian Ambassador Hotel in Mykonos, Panos… Continue reading Sautéed Baby Squid with Fava and Fresh Herbs-Apollo Gourmet Restaurant, Mykonos

Shisu bar Myconian Imperial Resort – The exceptional experience with the ultimate greek traditional twist!

Nothing beats the ultimate combination of a unique Greek landscape together with the authentic Japanese flavors that you can experience at the sushi restaurant “Shisu Bar” of the Myconian Imperial Resort! The Shisu bar at the Myconian Imperial Resort Responding to the needs of  the guests  can lead to the most fascinating plans! In 2012… Continue reading Shisu bar Myconian Imperial Resort – The exceptional experience with the ultimate greek traditional twist!

Zylo Eyewear-Handmade, wooden sunglasses made in Greece

#Xylo, #GreekProdAbroad

There are times where a simple morning thought, is enough to change everything you take for granted. We are very proud to present you directly from the magnificent island of Syros the absolute new trend in sunglasses, the Zylo Eyewear! Yes, for those who already speak some greek , it's about  sunglasses handmade by wood! Periklis and… Continue reading Zylo Eyewear-Handmade, wooden sunglasses made in Greece

MotoVoyager Tours Mani – Southern Peloponnese

Μani, stepping on the end-point of Europe… “Mani” or “Raging Rock” is the name given to the area covering the middle of the three peninsulas in the southern Peloponnese. The mountain range of the Upper and Lower Taygetos Mountain represents the last Alpine folds of Pindos in the Mediterranean, thus forming a peninsula and one… Continue reading MotoVoyager Tours Mani – Southern Peloponnese

Underwater Greece .00

Scuba-diving in Greece offers a unique experience were corals, water life, sponge and wrecks are combining a true adventure ! Not to mention the caves reachable only under a diving route! Greek Products Abroad is proud to announce the new photography series session by Costas Ladas. (http://kostasladas.blogspot.gr/ ) Costas Ladas is a photographer and dive master based… Continue reading Underwater Greece .00

Purple Carrot Tzatziki and Eggplant and Walnut Dip


Thank you Greek Vegetarian for sharing your recipies and photos with Greek Products Abroad.   Just like strawberry ice cream! But don't be fooled. With a heavy hit of garlic and the slightly bitter taste of the purple carrot, this silky dollop of pink delishiousness packs a very different punch to the sweet sensation of strawberry… Continue reading Purple Carrot Tzatziki and Eggplant and Walnut Dip

Nassos Ntotsikas

                                                                                                    “Perfection is not impossible..you can “knit”… Continue reading Nassos Ntotsikas

5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 stands for Quintessence in olive oil click for the online catalogue   AWARDS Red dot Design Award - Winner 2012 ED Awards 2012 - Silver Award The Dieline 2012 - 1st Award Pentawards Golden Award PRODUCTS Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unique Extra Virgin Olive… Continue reading 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Stuffed Zucchini flowers – Grandma’s Greek Vegetarian finger food

This is a SO Greek grandma's traditional recipe and now that we all want to put a hippy etiquette on everything, I could easily turn it to " Greek Vegetarian finger food", so hence grandma's Greek Vegetarian finger food! I am posting this recipe because a good friend from Oklahoma,USA asked me , after sharing the… Continue reading Stuffed Zucchini flowers – Grandma’s Greek Vegetarian finger food

Melitheon-Honey from the land of Gods

  Indulge yourself with the most supreme honey from Greece. An other reason that Greek Products Abroad put this product in their "showcase" is their classy package, all designed by Greeks. Grandfathers heritage Vasiliki is a new dynamic Greek company, established in 2006 in Leonidion, Arcadia, Peloponnese, specializing in supreme quality honey products. Their relationship… Continue reading Melitheon-Honey from the land of Gods

Spring Break

Kali Anastasi to Everyone ! We will have a couple of days off, we are working on some amazing new articles though for next week! Stay tuned!

6 Traditional Guest Houses & Hotels to enjoy Greek Easter

Greek Easter is one of the most beautifull seasons in Greece. In the heart of the Spring, while the Greek nature is blooming and the landscapes are full of colors, gentle warming sunshines, family gatherings and rich of traditional culture, Greek Easter is the best time to visit Greece. Either to meet for the first… Continue reading 6 Traditional Guest Houses & Hotels to enjoy Greek Easter

Epifanios Skiathitis’ Art of fashion

"Fashion design is a form of art.." Epifanios Skiathitis belongs to the new generation of Greek designers that fulfill their dreams with professionalism and love for fashion. He graduated with honors from Veloudakis Fashion School in 1996 and remained as a design and pattern professor. On February 2005 he launched his first collection under the… Continue reading Epifanios Skiathitis’ Art of fashion

From Zambia with love

The unique authenticity of multiculturism At the age of ten, he was saving up his lunch money to secretly buy rap tapes. A year later he began to write his own lyrics and rap instrumentals using music production software. In the summer of 2009, he built his own home studio in his bedroom, taking years… Continue reading From Zambia with love

Pezoula Eatery- Original homemade food

What happens when 3 beautiful women, grandmother, mother and daughter, share their passion and experience in big Greek gatherings with friends and family? Probably the most welcoming and blissful eatery takes place.Now, Imagine all that in one of the most popular islands in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the fascinating Paros Island! Eleni, Efi… Continue reading Pezoula Eatery- Original homemade food

Art Dolls by Konstantina Morou

Konstantina's first contact with clay came at the early age of 7 while her mother was attending clay lessons at that time. In less than 10 years she had already concluded the basic education on clay. An extra training in design and material technology provided to her with the necessary knowledge to make clay the… Continue reading Art Dolls by Konstantina Morou

The story of Ktima Efthimiadi

A story about how the passion for good food and nature can lead to a successful living in Greece, creating high quality products. Describing the Ktima Efthimiadi is actually like describing the dream and vision of the founder Euripides Efthimiadis. Set in a stunning position in the foothills of the Menikio mountains, Euripides Efthimiadis chose… Continue reading The story of Ktima Efthimiadi

Antigoni Pantazi

The genuine spirit of ceramics Antigoni Pantazi was born in Athens and in 1998 had her first contact with Ceramics.The sculptural possibilities of the material trully inspired her so she decided to study Ceramics in Cardiff. After returning back home, she started run her own workshop and gallery while at the same time was exhibiting… Continue reading Antigoni Pantazi