Spiros Kolyvas

With extensive studies near the most important contemporary painters  of Greece like  Nikos Zervos D. Mytaras and Z. Arvanitis, Spiros Kolyvas  received scholarship and grant from the State Scholarship Foundation Ι.Κ.Υ, participated in dozens of exhibitions, publications and reviews in Greece and abroad, he is one of the most active artists in promoting Greece through his  well-recognized waters of his paintings.

1.How did this journey in painting begin and especially how did you come to these materials?

My journey started when I was very young as I was painting the bands, the musicians with the red and blue uniforms .. I was painting mostly what impressed me. Later my parents realized that I should go to an art school in Corfu where I started to draw a few copies  and soon I went to draw scenes from nature. My teacher was the late Nick Zervos a very important painter of Corfu. After having worked various materials like pencils, charcoal, acrylic, oil before and during  the School of Fine Arts  I came in watercolors. From the beginning  watercolor fascinated me as material, transparency, liquidity, and its difficulty was also a challenge for me. Working in watercolor it’s difficult  to correct, to intervene and intervene again as in other materials (oils, acrylics). Watermark is based on the immediacy that’s why it’s able to deliver in exact the  changes of the environment and light .

2. Which subject do you prefer to work with?

My paintings are usually landscapes, I’m not that interested in the exact representation of the scenery  as much as the changes that take from the forces of nature. I take the occasion as a landscape from which often I just keep a few details and some elements that create my own picture. I work mainly with nature not to describe or to imitate a landscape but to capture the essence, to discover the internal structures and special features. Of course to get to the level I am today I have worked a lot with various materials both in color and pattern. I think drawing is very important and an artist should not give up on it ever.

3. You work a lot with the Greek landscape, what is it that attracts you most in this?  

I live and work in Greece, I grew up with the Greek landscape around me and so I am a part of it. I am fascinated with the simplicity and beauty, the changes that light and nature cause to the Greek landscape .

4. Your works transmit a “calm strength” , this  relates to an internal personal  calmness or an internal search?

Your comment is correct; my works indeed transmit a “calm strength”. Sometimes, behind this apparently calmness exists a hidden power that can change the landscape. This force is the same force of nature that affects our daily images transforming them into something new, even temporarily. The fluidity, the nature of the material itself of watercolor indicates this rotation and variability of nature and therefore of life itself. I think all that, along with the need of someone to make art come from a personal internal search, from the need of the artist to express his experiences, the truth that is hidden inside.

5. What makes you optimistic today?

Today the only thing that makes me optimistic is Art and the effort of artists to express themselves and speak out. Art is creation, empowers both the artist and the viewer. Definitely, art is the way out of the current mess. It helps us to see the world differently, to approach the essence, the real value of things and find the beauty in simple things, everyday. We need Art to help us look within and find the right values ​​that give meaning to our lives. Art has the power to change the world as long as artists believe to it. But to do this we must become communicants of the concerns and pursuits of society.

Spyros Kolyvas will be at the international contemporary art exhibition “Symphony of colors”, La Galleria Pall Mall- London [Exhibition dates: 10 – 16 December 2012 ]- Contact details : kolyvas0@gmail.com


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