The Captive Sun – Irena Karafilly

Introducing a new book by Irena Karafilly, The Captive Sun

already a BestSeller in Greece!

Set on the island of Lesbos, The Captive Sun deals with the life and times of an extraordinary Greek woman; a Resistance member who falls in love with a Wehrmacht officer during World War II, and who goes on to become a prominent figure in the struggle for freedom and social justice. If it sounds like a page-turner, it is!

Published by Picador Australia, ISBN: 978-1-742-61208-9  

Greek version, titled Η ΑΣΥΜΒΙΒΑΣΤΗ ΜΟΥΣΑ, published by Psichogios Editions.

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The Captive Sun by Irena Karafilly
The Captive Sun by Irena Karafilly

The Captive SunThe story

Calliope Adham – young, strong-willed, and recently widowed – is schoolmistress in the village of Molyvos when Hitler’s army invades Greece in 1941. Well read and linguistically gifted, she is promptly recruited by the Germans to act as their liaison officer. It is the beginning of a personal and national saga that will last well over thirty years.

Calliope’s wartime duties bring her into close contact with Lieutenant Lorenz Umbreit, the Wehrmacht officer in command of her village. Their improbable friendship blossoms despite Calliope’s clandestine work for the Resistance, in a fishing village seething with dread and suspicion.

Amid privation and death, the villagers’ hostility finally erupts, but the bond between Calliope Adham and Lorenz Umbreit survives the Occupation, taking unforeseeable turns. Their complex, defiant relationship continues through several tumultuous decades, as Greece is ravaged by civil war, oppressed by military dictatorship, and finally liberated in the mid 1970s.

Already a best seller in Greece!

The Captive Sun is a haunting, sumptuous novel, weaving the private and the historic into a vivid tapestry of Greek island life. At once informative and spellbinding, it chronicles the story of an extraordinary woman and her lifelong struggle against social and political tyranny.

Readers’ reviews

Katie Doliou: I fell in love with this book! Very well written, and very powerful. The author tells us her amazing story with great sensitivity. Calliope is the sort of woman we all wish we could resemble. I have been to Mytilini several times, but even if I hadn’t, the writing is so vivid and descriptive I would have felt as though I had lived there. In short, this book is among the best I have read. A big bravo to Ms. Karafilly!

Dafni Seretidou: Literally a masterpiece. The book takes you on a journey to challenging historic eras, and through its characters you truly experience the hardships and suffering of the Greek people.


Katerina Mihalaki: A high-quality book with very carefully researched history that transports you to another era. I would recommend it to everyone. Books written with such care are worth reading.

About the Author

Irena Karafilly was born in the Urals but has lived in five countries, most recently in Greece, where the plot of The Captive Sun is set. She speaks sev­eral foreign languages badly, swears per­fectly in Pol­ish and Greek, and writes in English about belea­guered Greek villagers. She has been largely educated in Canada, the most gen­er­ous of countries, where the lack of a high-school diploma proved to be no imped­i­ment to obtain­ing three uni­versity degrees.

While still an under­graduate, Karafilly sold a short story to Bob Weaver at the CBC and has ever since been trying to write a bestseller so she could devote her­self full time to her writing. She has worked as a sec­retary, admin­istrator, editor, busi­nesswoman, journalist, uni­versity lec­turer, and writer, pub­lish­ing dozens of poems and sto­ries, while trying to survive as a single mother. Her work has won sev­eral lit­er­ary prizes, including the National Mag­a­zine Award and the CBC Lit­er­ary Award. Author of five books, Karafilly has also written book reviews and travel articles, which have appeared in numer­ous newspapers, including the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune.


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