Feta & Honey Treats

This is one of the most favorite and easy to make recipes! Crispy balls with feta cheese, sesame and honey! The combination of Feta and honey isn’t something new for the Greek Gastronomy. To be exact, we can meet this extremely interesting combination as an appetizer in the form of a cheese-pie layered with honey. Kalofagas.ca has an INCREDIBLE recipe for this!

So, as today is my birthday ( do I hear a question here? ), a few friends would be coming home to wish me “Good luck!” ( no more “Happy birthday” for me, it’s being a while since my age of 5! ) and I wouldn’t like to have something typical like a birthday (good-luck) cake and it would be too early for dinner / wine etc.

Anyway, I am a big fan of Greek appetizers, I love the way they are served and they are shared to everyone from the same plate! The true meaning of sharing and saving the last piece for the next, at the same time! So, I felt the need to make my twist of the rich flavored combination of Feta cheese with the bitter-sweetness of a pine honey in the form of a crispy cheese ball. Trust me, this is an appetizer full of surprise, I tried it first time last August, it was like an experiment to be honest, but became my “feta & honey versions” obsession!

Birthday’s feta cheese treats!

Basic Ingredients:
2 slices of whole wheat bread grated in blender.
1 cup of flour
3 large soup spoons of sesame
1 cup of grated feta cheese
½ cup of warm  water ( not hot! )
Greek Pine honey
1/2 cup of Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil for the pan
Additionally : Pepper, nutmeg
Pour the feta cheese, the bread, the sesame , pepper/ nutmeg if wanted.
Stir the mix with a fork  pretty well. Add a spoon of the flour and stir again so all the pieces of Feta cheese are covered with the flour and the rest of the mix. Add a spoon of the water, Just to hydrate the mix.
Now you must have a slightly hydrated mix, ( slightly sticky on fingers ) that if you work it with the hands it can be a soft but dry dough. Add a pinch of flour to your hands and very gently shape a small ball, just to give a round shape.
When you have all the Feta balls ready , heat a frying pan with the  ½ cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil and Cook the balls at the hot pan. When you take them out,  and while they are still hot, poor some honey on them, and
kali orexi!



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