Vasilikia Mountain Farm

Vasilikia Mounain Farm


This idyllic mountain retreat is located at an altitude of 990 m. outside the picturesque traditional village of Pavliani. The village itself, which marks the entrance to Oiti National Park, is divided into two parts, Ano (upper) and Kato (lower), separated by a distance of 2 km. The working farm is a truly unique year-round getaway, within easy reach of Mt. Parnassos’ two ski centres, the marvellous beach at Asproneri and of course the UNESCO World Heritage-listed archaeological site of Delphi. The perfect base for exploration, discovery and outdoor activities in a pristine alpine landscape of outstanding natural beauty, the farm is easily accessed by road from Athens (about 2½ hours) or by train.

Favorites of the venue:

  A cute donkey presently occupies the stable, soon to be joined by a horse. Other features include a wooden observation tower with telescope, a small chapel and fresh mountain water from a natural spring.

 In addition to sheep and goats, there are ducks, pheasants and turkeys, as well as geese wandering freely.

  A greenhouse and vegetable plot provide organically grown tomatoes, potatoes, corn, etc., while dozens of fruit trees offer quinces, apples, plums, mirabelles and cherries. Apart from the owner himself, who spends most of his time on the farm, there is also a friendly couple ready to provide any assistance around the clock.  Explore the Vasilikia Mountain Farm starting here


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  1. Thats true, allthough I haven’t visited Norway ( but I am a big fan of Scandinavian countries ) as I have seen in photos. We have a lot of green mountains and rivers but not so many lakes as Norway does !

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