Stathis Samantas


Untitled-1Stathis Samantas is a new promising designer that wants to conquer the elegant world of shoes! Dedicated, with a lot of passion for his work, he introduces new ideas and designs that have the same quality which can be found in famous and worldwide respected designers. Feminine heels that tease our imagination are combined with high quality material thus giving us the most impressive collections. So let’s embark on a journey with him in his fabulous world of creation !

siamWhy did you choose to design shoes instead of another accessory?

It’s an inner need. I don’t feel like designing a bag or something else. Shoes are so amazing for me that there’s no “room” for thinking of something else. But I must say that if a proposal for designing something different comes along , I will think about it and maybe go for it…

IMG_5706Is there a favorite designer that you admire and represents a role model for you?

I don’t understand that much the word “role model”. We are all different therefore it’s hard to follow another person’s work.. I would love to have a similar career of Manolo Blahnik. He is a great designer and has offered so much in the shoes industry.

In your collections you use contradictory materials that are combined together in a unique way. How do you manage to combine them?

I like the process because it’s a part of my job. In my mind there is no such thing as difficult and contradictory material. It’s the way that we see things in general. We tend to compromise a lot.

The stongest part of your designs are the high and impressive heels. Do you think that women IMG_5676should wear them more often?

High heels are provocative and most women know this… These heels can add eroticism in a woman that wears them and she’s capable of dealing with it. In a nutshell, a woman that goes out to dinner wants to be noticed. There’s the straight erotic mood. In the meantime, another woman might wear them in the office. That means that she wants to “dominate” her work space and is in control of her career. In another words, it’s about power in a different situation. In my previous collections I have designed flat shoes. I wanted to show a more casual and easy to wear mood that is also very girlie. In my opinion a woman in flat shoes comes closer with her inner child… Maybe that’s why they are underestimated…
How are shoes important in our appearance? Can they complete and perhaps perfect our look or can they also ruin it?

A nice pair of shoes can transform the simplest appearance. Now imagine what the wrong pair can do…

IMG_5663Do you have a favorite creation?

I believe that I still haven’t devoted a big part of myself in my designs. I mean that I still have dreams and ideas and want to explore new avenues. Somewhere down the road I might find my favorite pair of shoes. Nevertheless, I always have some signature shoes in my collections that reflect my personality. I would say that these are my favorite ones..

Do you think that Greek women make the right choices when it comes to shoes or do they have a lot more to learn?

I think that fashion is a strong influence and sometimes can confuse them.

Christian Louboutin said “I want to make woman’s legs look long and fabulous…”. How about you?

We talked about erotic mood before…IMG_5652

Tell us about your future plans?

I am really interested in evolving my brand abroad. It’s something that I have been working on at the moment. We go through difficult economical times and it’s hard also for the well known professionals. You have to earn the consumer’s trust in the middle of a crisis..

How can someone explore and buy one of your creations?

Miss Mia Eygeniadou is my sales manager and you can contact her in our showroom. For my site, please visit http://www.stathissamantas.comIMG_5694

Contact info:
Mia Eygeniadou
n.Efessou k Sibrissariou 10
+30 210 7220558



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