Pezoula Eatery- Original homemade food

What happens when 3 beautiful women, grandmother, mother and daughter, share their passion and experience in big Greek gatherings with friends and family? Probably the most welcoming and blissful eatery takes place.Now, Imagine all that in one of the most popular islands in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the fascinating Paros Island!

Eleni, Efi and Pavlina are cooking everyday in their yard , called “Pezoula”, original homemade food and traditional deserts ( grandma’s recipes ) attracting locals and tourists almost all year-long!

I’m telling you, it’s a truly HOMEMADE food full of family care and love.

Not to forget their little jars full of handmade fruit sweet preserves or jams, or even olive paste and sun-dried tomatoes and as an aperitif, I would definitely try the lemon liqueur, ALL handmade from the 3 ladies of the family!

Visit their Facebook page !


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