Epifanios Skiathitis’ Art of fashion

“Fashion design is a form of art..”face1

Epifanios Skiathitis belongs to the new generation of Greek designers that fulfill their dreams with professionalism and love for fashion.
He graduated with honors from Veloudakis Fashion School in 1996 and remained as a design and pattern professor. On February 2005 he launched his first collection under the label “EPIFANIOS”. Since then, he creates elegant and amazing collections that can be seen in the theater as well as the cinema. The strict lines of his designs, combined with the fabrics movement present a new feminine silhouette full of confidence and charm. Sparkling details and subversive combinations create a new chic and sophisticated look. His creativity guides him also to design astonishing wedding dresses. When style is mixed with talent and boldness, the brand EPIFANIOS can dominate…

Tell us a bit about your first steps in the fashion world.DSC00051

Since I was a child, I felt drawn to clothes. I remember the day a seamstress came to our house to make some dresses for my mother. When I saw the two dimensional fabric being transformed into a three dimensional garment I felt such enthusiasm! After that day, I started designing clothes and trying to create collections. As time went by, this occupation evolved in a specific way and by the end of my school years I found myself in Veloudakis Fashion school. My creative paradise…

Are your collections for a specific type of woman?DSC00303

My collections address women that want to stand out while having a sense of discrete luxury. These are women that recognize the value of high fashion as well as the unique feel of sur mesure garments. They also love their body and want something special to dress it. Undoubtedly, fashion design is a form of art…

Do you have an element that can be considered as your personal signature?

The use of geometry and its application into feminine and original clothing.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everything I see and may attract my attention is something that can inspire me to create a garment or even a whole collection. Music, cinema, a walk in the street, all of these can be inspirational moments that do not fade away.

Is there a favorite designer that you admire and has inspired you?

Not just one but many. For example, Madlene Vionet with her gorgeous bias cut dresses in the 30s and of course the revelation of New Look of Christian Dior in the late 40’s…
Also, the genius Cristobal Balenciaga of the 1960’s and the pioneer Yves Saint Laurent that created the woman tuxedo in the 70s…_DSC0163a _DSC0225c

Do you think that Greek women are well dressed?

I believe that most of them are stuck in a standard style that forces them to dress in a specific way. Many times, this way is far from original but certainly you can see the difference in a stylish woman.

What would be your advice to a young designer that wants to be successful?

To create his own collection only with a vision in mind. Moreover, to actively participate in the creation process. All this experience will expand his/her knowledge, which what our work is all about. A beautiful design will remain just a design if you do not follow the right process…
My experience as a design professor taught me that many nice designs can turn into ugly clothes if the process is not the right one.

DSC00058Future plans?

Currently, I am working on my summer 2013 collection and wedding dresses.
At the same time, I have been assigned the design of a collection for a collaborator which is something that pleases me very much.
I believe that cooperation and combined work is the future in the fashion industry because it motivates to come up with new ideas and develop them.
One of my future plans is the creation of my own pret a porter collection.

Many thanks to
Photographer: ilias tsepas
model: ino mei




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