Melitheon-Honey from the land of Gods


Indulge yourself with the most supreme honey from Greece.

An other reason that Greek Products Abroad put this product in their “showcase” is their classy package, all designed by Greeks.

Grandfathers heritage

Vasiliki is a new dynamic Greek company, established in 2006 in Leonidion, Arcadia, Peloponnese, specializing in supreme quality honey products. Their relationship with honey goes back to the grandfathers who passed on the art of apiculture.

Having the inspiration of a visionary, the dream of an artist and the desire to venture “out of the box”, we have decided to create and present a unique ultra premium Greek honey product in an unparallel way.

Melitheon Honey the “Honey of Gods” with the Greek sense in it’s meaning is a 100% raw supreme quality, Greek in origin product, derived from the fertile valleys and wild mountains of the wider Arcadian region.

Arcadia region

The climate, rich soil and unique floral varieties within the Arcadia region are the three natural elements that contribute to branding Melitheon Honey as one of the best qualities worldwide. During the harvesting season they travel around and collect the highest quality of a variety of honey from each beehive. In this way they manage to obtain a perfect blend of the rich Arcadian flora which enumerates more than 1500 different kinds of plants and herbs.

Would you like to meet the producer in person? Meet him at their family hotel in Arcadia, Byzantinon Hotel.


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