Nassos Ntotsikas


“Perfection is not can “knit” it..”


#Athens Exclusive Designers Week

Nassos  Ntotsikas is not another fashion designer but a contemporary artist that can create amazing knitwear. With talent and respect for the fashion industry he creates feminine and elegant knitwear using the traditional and modern equipment .Through his personal style and vision he manages to give a new aspect to this natural but also difficult material. He studied at Academia di Costume e di Moda di Roma  and began his career by participating at  Athens Exclusive Designers Week were he won the “ 2012 BEST TRENDSETTER AWARD”.A restless visualizer  he continues to love the classic technique of  knitting and he is the proof that the talent combined with knowledge , can “knit” a wonderful path in the world of fashion..

Why did you chose  as your material the knit fabric?

It always existed in my life. My grandmother used to knit and I always enjoyed helping her with her threads and the cotton reel! That’s the reason that I have used the reel as my brand logo.Αfter my studies at “Accademia di Costume e di Moda di Roma”, the urge of my teachers that had seen my appeal during my studies, made me to study and  specialize the  knitwear. My professional experience in one of the biggest knitting industries and my collaborations with respected designers ,confirmed that what I love to create is knitwear.


Is it easy or difficult   to use a “breathing” material as the knitted fabric?

 I am glad for this question! Yes it is a “living” material. It’s something that I often say, that the knitted fabric is alive ,it can breathe and that’s also crucial for its care.. Οf course it’s not easy to use cause  of its requirements. When you want to create something knitted you start from scratch. With one thread you try to form something that in the mean time can change by the use of the knitting machine. It takes time and it’s not an easy procedure but at the end it’s worth the fatigue .That magic moment that you will have in your hands the first piece of knitted fabric!

Did you had at your opinion one special and important time in your career so far? 

I think that this moment hasn’t still arrived .But there are so many moments in my work, with the ups and downs that I am proud of and I use them as experiences that help me go further and evolve.

Are there any rules that can help us to choose the right knitwear for our body type?

The main rule is to choose a high quality knitwear. Women tend to think that you have to be slim in order to wear knitted fabric. That’s a wrong point of view .The quality and the material are the characteristics that are important for us to chose and with that in mind the knitted fabric can be worn by any body type..

 Do you get your inspiration from a muse  ?

The everyday woman is my inspiration! The personality and not the appearance ,the inner beauty and what she stands for through the centuries, are some of the reasons that I get to be inspired! Therefore , my creations are addressed to woman with strong personality and particular style that are aware of their influence and culture.

Do you think that Greece at the moment can support and help the career of the Greek designers or the aspects are stronger abroad?

I believe that a designer should be oriented in a global market , regardless of his homeland. I am sad to realize, that our country is not investing into fashion industry and there’s no organization or support from the state. That fact is not new and existed before the crisis. I hope that this period will give us a chance to change this situation. Any type of support for the new designers is vital.Also for the ones that can export their work.This could help also our economy and the way our country is presented abroad.

Personally, I maintain my production in Greece and although there are difficulties, I intend to keep it that way .My goal is to have Greek production and designing  100% Greek products.

What would you advise a young designer that is at the beginning ?

The knowledge and education are the base for a designer .It‘s unacceptable for someone that wants to be a designer, not to know Art history ,colors, Costume history and of course the construction of a garment .How to cut and sew something.

Besides that, I believe that he/she should always be informed and updated for the fashion trends and the garment technology, that is evolving and not recycling the existing trends. Travel also , watch  theater ,visit museums .All of the above can help and never forget that a great  collection , reflects also the personality of the designer..

Future plans?

My new collection is ready and is being sampled in Greece and Spain. Soon we will have the official presentation. Me and   my collaborators are preparing my personal atelier in Athens so that I can offer my clients   the personalized creations. I am alos going to launch a Knitted Wedding dresses collection. Another plan of mine is to strengthen my brand in Spain before expanding into new markets .One step at a time..

How can we see and explore your work?

My collections have selling stores in Athens,Egypt and soon in Spain.For more information you can contact the Showroom 10.Axaiou 15,10675 kolonaki( tel 2111829931)I have also a facebook page that you can see all the brand activity.For more visit our website




1 thought on “Nassos Ntotsikas”

  1. Absolutely beautiful work! Being able to see the handcraft of knitted clothing items is breathtaking. One always associated knitting to something that Grandma did in the past, infront of the fireplace while listening to the radio, however,Nassos has turned it into an Art Decore art form, with a contemporay air to the clothes that breathe for women, allowing them to strut with confidence and ease!~ Debbie

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