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Zylo Eyewear-Handmade, wooden sunglasses made in Greece

There are times where a simple morning thought,

is enough to change everything you take for granted.

We are very proud to present you directly from the magnificent island of Syros the absolute new trend in sunglasses, the Zylo Eyewear! Yes, for those who already speak some greek ,

it’s about  sunglasses handmade by wood!

Periklis and Eleni were very kind to answer to our questions aboyt Zylo Eyewear!

#Xylo #Eyewear

Firstly, we are curious to know about the team of Zylo Eyewear. We would like to know more about your team.

Eleni answers:

Zylo eyewear is a team that was formed back in February 2012. Me, Eleni Vakondiou, and my husband Periklis Therrios were experimenting on wooden eyewear frames for almost a year. Trying to find the right way of crafting hard wood as olive tree, to form perfectly balanced frames. But this kind of lumber is very hard to work with and needs certain equipment and so, we moved to other varieties of timber later on.

During a visit to a local lazer cut workshop in Syros island, Periklis met Marios Georntamilis (designer) and started a long conversation about wooden frames. After a short period of time, Marios introduced to us, Nikos Athanasopoulos (designer) and Konstantina Gorgogianni (photographer).

So the team started to form. The three of them, are responsible for the branding of Zylo eyewear, packaging, marketing and promotion. We are not only a team, we consider ourselves first of all friends. The guys, certainly shared our dream and helped us out through several phases of the built up. From indiegogo planning & management, interviews and press kits, designing the whole image of the brand, up to photography and product placement on the market.


How did they idea of wooden framed sunglasses came up ?

Periklis answers:

It was really Eleni’s idea. The truth is that it was a morning’s thought. It was a very hard period for us back then, because of the financial crisis; and Eleni when she woke up that morning, came downstairs and said: “We are going to make wooden sunglasses!” Actually we were more than excited! We had already been crafting small everyday wooden objects for two years by that time. Excited enough and feeling creative, we had our first sample in 24 hours.The prototype convinced us. As you probably know, building up a fully functional prototype is the answer to a lot of design and manufacturing questions and hesitations. We saw that this was a great and viable idea. But then we started searching the net for similar projects and we were disappointed that we were not the first ones to think about wooden eyewear frames. But we didn’t let that affect us and stop our tries. We continued boldly, with even more passion. You see, there is a certain distance between ideation and making something. That is a distance that you need to cross in order to fully understand yourself, your capabilities and of course the primary idea behind it all. You reconsider, re-evaluate and move further on.

We felt that this idea, crafting by hand, wooden eyewear in Syros island, in the middle of theAegean sea is viable and suits us. We wanted to follow that morning thought, so bold that became the center of our everyday lifestyle and our dream. We still search and develop our frames, so that the artefact becomes even more perfect and well manufactured, even more customizable and universal. We live with these materials and we firmly believe that they need to re enter our daily lives in forms and shapes that we haven’t used them already.


Did you had any previous experience working with wood?

Periklis answers:

Yes, as we said priorly, we have been working on small household wooden items; spoons and cutlery, tabletop utensils, small furniture and even patio chairs or wooden fences for our small garden here at the island of Syros. Myself and Eleni have a great love about this material. I consider myself a craftsman and Eleni as a great creative mind though!

Why we should prefer a wooden framed sunglasses ?

Eleni answers:

The modern lifestyle and fashion trends have made everyday objects mass produced. To do so, the materials have changed and became quite unfriendly to human touch. It is not as natural as it used to be. All sunglasses are made out of resins or acetate. We wanted to bring back the natural feeling. When a Zylo frame embraces your face, you kind of feel connected to nature. You are once again one with nature. But there are more than the feeling that you have. Our frames are feather-lite, between 25gr-35gr; making them lightweight and easy to wear. We have also incorporated ergonomical features on them so that they can be worn for hours. All of our models feature a high level of base curve (the curvature of the main frame) so that the user’s sight is well covered by our polarized lenses. Finally we have another great feature. The sunglasses’ temple is also curved so that they won’t fall off or put pressure on your ears or sideburns. We managed to build an artefact through an ever -learning process. Wood has told us its secrets and taught us in its way. We learn from the material and we try to say its story as honestly as we can. That is why we do not use any chemicals or finishing products rather than beeswax and olive oil salve.

How is the project’s progress going ?

Eleni answers:

We were overfunded in our indiegogo campaign (160% in total) and by examining the metrics and all the data, we realized that we made an impact more than we expected! After our campaign.

we had doubled the orders! That made us even more grateful and ultra happy about our project. But this is also a commitment. To all of our supporters and friends out there. We want to make Zylo eyewear a viable and ever-growing brand. Not only for us and our friends and family, but for all those who support the project and our efforts.

So we are currently in a feedback phase and we manufacture sunglasses everyday. But we make future plans and organizing the next steps.

So, what comes next? Which are the plans for the future ?

Periklis answers:

Our new website is on its way. We also want to broaden up our audience towards main Europe and around the Mediterranean sea, so we have marketing plans happening these weeks. We also have plans for something bigger than these, but I will have to keep it low for now! 

Where we can buy your products ? [EDITED]

NOW you can place your orders directly from our site http://zyloeyewear.com/ or at our exclusive stores in Greece and Australia http://zyloeyewear.com/zylo-exclusive-stores .


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