Shisu bar Myconian Imperial Resort – The exceptional experience with the ultimate greek traditional twist!

Nothing beats the ultimate combination of a unique Greek landscape together with the authentic Japanese flavors that you can experience at the sushi restaurant “Shisu Bar” of the Myconian Imperial Resort!

The spectacular view of the Myconian Imperial Resort!
The spectacular view of the Myconian Imperial Resort!

The Shisu bar at the Myconian Imperial Resort

Responding to the needs of  the guests  can lead to the most fascinating plans! In 2012 the Myconian Imperial Resort  proceeded  with the creating of  the Japanese  restaurant “Shisu Bar”, right at the heart of the resort’s complex. The Shisu Bar at the Myconian Imperial Resort represents the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean landscape combined with the authentic Japanese flavors.

Placed  in a beautiful open terrace in front of the endless clear blue Aegean waters becoming one with the bright blue Greek sky , the Shisu Bar serves  fresh, high class Japanese cuisine  by the talented Chef Ahmed Ahmed.

The Chef

A master at the top of his craft

Chef Ahmed Ahmed
Chef Ahmed Ahmed

Ahmed Ahmed originally from Egypt, was born in Athens where he graduated the school “Le Monde” at the Hotel and Tourism Studies, in Professional Culinary Art . While working, mainly in Mediterranean, Greek traditional, seafood and French cuisine, Ahmed expanded his professional studies in Eurochef. In 2012 he was asked to take over the organization and operation of the sushi bar at the Myconian Imperial Resort. Due to the enthusiasm of the young and awarded chef, only a few months later  the opening of the Shisu Bar came true…

3rd place, Bronze medal in Fish category at Chef Club Hellas competition in Ho.Re.Ca, 2012
2nd place, Silver Medal in Fish category at Chef Club Hellas competition in Ho.Re.Ca, 2013

Japanese Cuisine

The general philosophy of the Japanese cuisine, led Ahmed in 2010 in taking seminars near famous Sushi Chefs in Greece. Since then he got  continuously creative. When we asked him why he loves working with the Japanese materials so much, he replied:

“It’s the whole philosophy that attracts me but more than this,it is the fact that the materials used and especially the fish, along with the preparation techniques make  my  imagination run wild and create unique flavors with the flawless appearance of an absolute class.”

The Menu

Chef Ahmed Ahmed has truly built an entire pyramid of flavors for the “Shisu Bar” at the Myconian Imperial Resort!  The exciting culinary journey  can start with the Salmon Tartar in yuzu  truffle oil combined with the Field green salad with Japanese dressing. A big variety of  Sushi Sarimi or Maki could follow  as a main course, but the big challenge comes at the mouthwatering “Myconian Collection Signature Rolls” or the “Myconian Collection Combos” dishes, you just want to have them all!  for the true enthusiasts of the Japanese cuisine, a hot plate of Soft shell crab with spinach tempura and butter ponzu sauce  is also available!

The Chef suggests

Volcano Rolls from the Myconian Collection Signature Rolls

Shrimp tempura with chili cream, Appetizers

1.Firstly we peel off the outer shell of the shrimps (keeping the tail tip on) and then dip in the tempura mix.
2.After that, we deep fry the shrimps until they get a crunchy crust.
3.We serve with the chili cream.
Tempura mix: rise flour, white flour, egg-white, cotton seed oil, water, ice.
Chili cream: Japanese Mayonnaise, black garlic, fresh chili, vegetables in julien cut, horseradish, carrot, cucumber, Japanese dressing, soya, sesame oil, orange, yuzu (Japanese lemon).

The Greek Twist

Being a culinary connaisseur or not you will be totally surprised by the ultimate greek traditional twist in the wine list of the menu. The experience in the Shisu Bar is getting more interesting and challenging, since your Japanese dinner can be accompanied by the Greek traditional yet refined taste of a fresh Retsina/traditional wine.

Greek Retsina wines, by Kechris Winery.

“The Pine’s Tear”, a unique kind of resinated white wine made of Asyrtiko, that obtained the “Grand Gold Metal” at the 2006 “6th International Wine Competition of Thessaloniki”, a medal awarded to a retsina wine for the first time ever! This wine is produced in a limited quantity.

“In Rose Background”, the unique resinated rose (pink) wine produced in the world, made of  Xinomavro, that is an excellent suggestion to accompany fish dishes and Japanese delicacies.

ahmet katalogos-1 - Copy (2)SHISU BAR
Elia Beach, Myconian Imperial Resort, Myconian Collection
84600 Mykonos, Kikladhes, Greece
Phone:  2289 079500


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