Pointing Greece!

If you plan to visit Athens, don’t forget to step into the WINEPOINT only a few steps from the Acropolis museum, the first wine bar in Athens that serves exclusively Greek wines with “meze” (greek small bites). If you have already tasted Greek wines at WINEPOINT, then you probably know that the same team has taken further their “meraki” (Greek word that means to put all of your creativity and love in something), to “POINT in GREECE”.

In order to enjoy “Point in Greece” you will have to hop on a taxi and go to the Glass Music Theatre (www.gialino.gr). There you will have the chance to take part to a unique folklore event, in the most authentic form.

The team of Point in Greece has designed a unique folklore event of two and a half hours, showcasing the food, the wine, the dance in their most authentic forms.

pointing greece

Some basic information

The language spoken during the event is English, and each visitor will be provided with a fully detailed guide for the show, translated in the native language of your request.

The menu can be changed only for  religious reasons.

The products (the goods) used in the menu, come only from the 7 thematic areas, and the serving of the wine will be done by professional oenologists.

For the dances, the artists come from the Greek Center of Traditional Studies ( www.elkelam.gr)  and the costumes used for the event are authentic.

On the other hand, if you are not in Athens, not even in Greece, then take a look at their documentary regional series they have created along with the show and shared them on their channel on YouTube , https://www.youtube.com/user/pointingreece/videos

Then decide, where your next vacations will be.


Point In Greece





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