Why I will start using Tilia Beeswax- Review




A few days ago I received a package from Kytio full with Tilia Beeswax Ointment samples. Personally I am familiar with the beeswax as we always had at home a non-branded/no-label beeswax we could find in street markets, bazaars or a friend made for us etc. If you also have a tendency for natural treatments and -a less chemical lifestyle- you definitelly know the miraculous beeswax.

Of course there is a variety in quality, and a lot of times not the best. Beside that I always use good olive oil and honey for skin and hair treatment I know that beeswax is a very valuable natural product with many uses and when stumbled upon the Tilia Beeswax on internet I wanted to try it.

So, Alexandra from Kytio (the producing company of Tilia) was very kind to send me some samples to try it and I decided to write my first product reviewBy the way, in that point I would like to mention that the blog is about to be updated and reformed. After this refresh more reviews will be included in our post mix. Stay tuned and contact me if you would like us to review your product.

100% natural

The Beeswax Tilia is a 100% natural product, dermatologically tested, clinically approved and safe for the skin. It is produced in Greece by the Kytio company. It is made from Organic cold pressed extra virging olive oil (Olea Europaea fruit oil), raw natural beeswax (Cera Alba) and Tilia Europaea flower extract without any additional chemical substances or preservatives.

It’s a product for all ages, all skin types, especially those with irritations, or with high need of moisturisation. For instance, it can be used to soothe chapped lips especially in winter, or in minor wounds, wrinkles etc. Also, recently the product was shortlisted in the FreeFrom Awards  “following a two-month period of evaluation by a 100-strong team of dedicated Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible testers, each with sensitive or reactive skin, or with a specific interest in natural, organic and ‘free from’ skincare.

The Tilia Beeswax 50ml came in a recycled carton packaging and in a dark glass jar. As I opened the box I found a cute “Thank you” message in a piece of paper from the same recycled material as the outer packaging. Everything you need to know about the product is written on this packaging. Ingredients, uses, made in Greece all the information you need. No waste in extra paper. If you need some extra information there is always the option visiting their website or contact Alexandra. One point from me to company’s strong environmental sensitive and sustainability policies.

I opened the jar, the ointment had the natural color and smell of beeswax. In a closer inhale I could smell deep inside the aroma of a fresh olive oil. To me, this is very important because as a Greek I grow up using olive oil in food and personal care all of my life and there is nothing worse than putting a low quality olive oil in your skin or your stomach. A low quality olive oil does nothing to personal care and bring sour stomach if you consume, apart from the bad smell and taste. Always choose good quality olive oil, it’s a life investment.

Firstly I used the ointment in my hand, a small quantity to feel the texture of the product. It’s a soft, not too much oily, has a big cover-up, and is absorbed normally, depending the skin type and the quantity you use. Fortunately, Alexandra advised me not to use too much quantity, but less than I would normally use with any other crème.  She was right. I have a dry skin type so I decided to use it as a night, leave-on face mask for a night. I didn’t use it right before I go to sleep  but a couple of hours ahead, as I was afraid that it would leave a stain on my pillow. The next morning the skin had an elastic, soft velvet and hydrated feel,  almost the same like when I use my regular night creme ( which is 95% natural product). I could use the Tilia Beeswax twice per week as a mask, for a 100% natural nutrition and detox my skin from any additives,  ingredients without losing the hydration. Of course, I will use it in every dry or irritated spot of my skin. Some of the reviews at Tilia’s website used it successfully also on baby’s diaper irritation and eczema cases.

The ointment costs just 21,00€ (50ml) has no preservatives, is 100% natural product , lasts 30 months, has multiple uses for all the family and only in small quantities.

For me, no more unbranded beeswax in my house. Tilia has all the features you want to see in a natural product. You want to see “100% natural product” sign, good quality materials, an environmental friendly company that respects sustainability using local providers, and has a general natural oriented culture ( read their blog Natural Habits) and of course all the safety lines like dermatologically tested, clinically approved, comply with EU cosmetic regulations etc.

You can find it in 18 selected shops in Greece, in Copenhagen, London, Buckinghamshire, East Essex, Clwyd, Kent, Belfast, Nikosia. Also, you can order directly from their e-shop.

I totally encourage you to have one jar of this small nature’s miracle balsam, perfect for every skin irritation or personal care treatment.


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