From Zambia with love

The unique authenticity of multiculturism At the age of ten, he was saving up his lunch money to secretly buy rap tapes. A year later he began to write his own lyrics and rap instrumentals using music production software. In the summer of 2009, he built his own home studio in his bedroom, taking years… Continue reading From Zambia with love


Art Dolls by Konstantina Morou

Konstantina's first contact with clay came at the early age of 7 while her mother was attending clay lessons at that time. In less than 10 years she had already concluded the basic education on clay. An extra training in design and material technology provided to her with the necessary knowledge to make clay the… Continue reading Art Dolls by Konstantina Morou

Antigoni Pantazi

The genuine spirit of ceramics Antigoni Pantazi was born in Athens and in 1998 had her first contact with Ceramics.The sculptural possibilities of the material trully inspired her so she decided to study Ceramics in Cardiff. After returning back home, she started run her own workshop and gallery while at the same time was exhibiting… Continue reading Antigoni Pantazi

Vagelis Stefanopoulos’ Pure Music

"Take the initial elements of it and recreate it from scratch. I think that's the best way to create something unique but at the same time familiar,  and this one of my objectives when I write music." Vagelis Stefanopoulos composes music in piano transferring pure natural energy, freshness and warmness at the same time. Just… Continue reading Vagelis Stefanopoulos’ Pure Music

The Captive Sun – Irena Karafilly

Set on the island of Lesbos, The Captive Sun deals with the life and times of an extraordinary Greek woman; a Resistance member who falls in love with a Wehrmacht officer during World War II, and who goes on to become a prominent figure in the struggle for freedom and social justice. If it sounds like a page-turner, it is!

Guess what, we just started from Zero

JOURNEY is the word that describes Zero-Project, a young  music composer spreading the word of  a true living JOURNEY. The JOURNEY we all take / share / stop / start / enjoy / CREATE. Guess what, we just started from Zero.  Lets start with your music, which is the genre you like to work with… Continue reading Guess what, we just started from Zero

Spyridoula Zachou

She end up saying "In general , i love painting words" and smiled. But Spyridoula Zachou's inpsiration also comes from music or internal search, the result is that she takes out the genuine childhood sensitivity highlghting the so much needed- hope of modern society.

Spiros Kolyvas

" We need Art to help us look within and find the right values ​​that give meaning to our lives." Spyros Kolyvas talking about Art, Life, the Power of Nature and Greek Landscapes!

Archaic Colors

Archaic Colors For a whole year ( starting at 31 July 2012 ) The Acropolis Museum presents the initiative of  "Archaic Colors", an open discussion with experts and public trying to conduct a research on colors of Archaic statue collection. The Archaic Colors program will be under the spotlight using new technologies  and family activities. Also… Continue reading Archaic Colors

Peloponnesian International Film Festival- CINE@ART

This year's festival edition has created Special theme screenings. As the third edition of CINE@ART -Peloponnesian International Film festival concurs with the International Day of People with Disability...