Why I will start using Tilia Beeswax- Review

    A few days ago I received a package from Kytio full with Tilia Beeswax Ointment samples. Personally I am familiar with the beeswax as we always had at home a non-branded/no-label beeswax we could find in street markets, bazaars or a friend made for us etc. If you also have a tendency for… Continue reading Why I will start using Tilia Beeswax- Review


Zylo Eyewear-Handmade, wooden sunglasses made in Greece

#Xylo, #GreekProdAbroad

There are times where a simple morning thought, is enough to change everything you take for granted. We are very proud to present you directly from the magnificent island of Syros the absolute new trend in sunglasses, the Zylo Eyewear! Yes, for those who already speak some greek , it's about  sunglasses handmade by wood! Periklis and… Continue reading Zylo Eyewear-Handmade, wooden sunglasses made in Greece

5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 stands for Quintessence in olive oil click for the online catalogue   AWARDS Red dot Design Award - Winner 2012 ED Awards 2012 - Silver Award The Dieline 2012 - 1st Award Pentawards Golden Award PRODUCTS Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unique Extra Virgin Olive… Continue reading 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Melitheon-Honey from the land of Gods

  Indulge yourself with the most supreme honey from Greece. An other reason that Greek Products Abroad put this product in their "showcase" is their classy package, all designed by Greeks. Grandfathers heritage Vasiliki is a new dynamic Greek company, established in 2006 in Leonidion, Arcadia, Peloponnese, specializing in supreme quality honey products. Their relationship… Continue reading Melitheon-Honey from the land of Gods