Why I will start using Tilia Beeswax- Review

    A few days ago I received a package from Kytio full with Tilia Beeswax Ointment samples. Personally I am familiar with the beeswax as we always had at home a non-branded/no-label beeswax we could find in street markets, bazaars or a friend made for us etc. If you also have a tendency for… Continue reading Why I will start using Tilia Beeswax- Review


Sautéed Baby Squid with Fava and Fresh Herbs-Apollo Gourmet Restaurant, Mykonos

It is very well stated that the Apollo à la carte restaurant is a culinary landmark that combines traditional Greek recipes and inspired modern creations, meeting the Relais & Châteaux standards of excellence. The following pictures will show clearly the top class services in an amazing landscape. Straight from the Myconian Ambassador Hotel in Mykonos, Panos… Continue reading Sautéed Baby Squid with Fava and Fresh Herbs-Apollo Gourmet Restaurant, Mykonos

Underwater Greece .00

Scuba-diving in Greece offers a unique experience were corals, water life, sponge and wrecks are combining a true adventure ! Not to mention the caves reachable only under a diving route! Greek Products Abroad is proud to announce the new photography series session by Costas Ladas. (http://kostasladas.blogspot.gr/ ) Costas Ladas is a photographer and dive master based… Continue reading Underwater Greece .00

Melitheon-Honey from the land of Gods

  Indulge yourself with the most supreme honey from Greece. An other reason that Greek Products Abroad put this product in their "showcase" is their classy package, all designed by Greeks. Grandfathers heritage Vasiliki is a new dynamic Greek company, established in 2006 in Leonidion, Arcadia, Peloponnese, specializing in supreme quality honey products. Their relationship… Continue reading Melitheon-Honey from the land of Gods

Spring Break

Kali Anastasi to Everyone ! We will have a couple of days off, we are working on some amazing new articles though for next week! Stay tuned!