MotoVoyager Tours Mani – Southern Peloponnese

Μani, stepping on the end-point of Europe… “Mani” or “Raging Rock” is the name given to the area covering the middle of the three peninsulas in the southern Peloponnese. The mountain range of the Upper and Lower Taygetos Mountain represents the last Alpine folds of Pindos in the Mediterranean, thus forming a peninsula and one… Continue reading MotoVoyager Tours Mani – Southern Peloponnese


6 Traditional Guest Houses & Hotels to enjoy Greek Easter

Greek Easter is one of the most beautifull seasons in Greece. In the heart of the Spring, while the Greek nature is blooming and the landscapes are full of colors, gentle warming sunshines, family gatherings and rich of traditional culture, Greek Easter is the best time to visit Greece. Either to meet for the first… Continue reading 6 Traditional Guest Houses & Hotels to enjoy Greek Easter

From Zambia with love

The unique authenticity of multiculturism At the age of ten, he was saving up his lunch money to secretly buy rap tapes. A year later he began to write his own lyrics and rap instrumentals using music production software. In the summer of 2009, he built his own home studio in his bedroom, taking years… Continue reading From Zambia with love

Myconian Villas Collection

  A dynamically growing group indicates the road to a new era, investing continuously in the largest industry of  the country , the Tourism.The group Myconian Collection consists of family members and beyond the friendly environment that anyone can enjoy on site, it is easy to notice the positive effects of a united and well-organized team. Definitely,… Continue reading Myconian Villas Collection