Stuffed Zucchini flowers – Grandma’s Greek Vegetarian finger food

This is a SO Greek grandma's traditional recipe and now that we all want to put a hippy etiquette on everything, I could easily turn it to " Greek Vegetarian finger food", so hence grandma's Greek Vegetarian finger food! I am posting this recipe because a good friend from Oklahoma,USA asked me , after sharing the… Continue reading Stuffed Zucchini flowers – Grandma’s Greek Vegetarian finger food


Feta & Honey Treats

This is one of the most favorite and easy to make recipes! Crispy balls with feta cheese, sesame and honey! The combination of Feta and honey isn't something new for the Greek Gastronomy. To be exact, we can meet this extremely interesting combination as an appetizer in the form of a cheese-pie layered with honey.… Continue reading Feta & Honey Treats