MotoVoyager Tours Mani – Southern Peloponnese

Μani, stepping on the end-point of Europe… “Mani” or “Raging Rock” is the name given to the area covering the middle of the three peninsulas in the southern Peloponnese. The mountain range of the Upper and Lower Taygetos Mountain represents the last Alpine folds of Pindos in the Mediterranean, thus forming a peninsula and one… Continue reading MotoVoyager Tours Mani – Southern Peloponnese


Underwater Greece .00

Scuba-diving in Greece offers a unique experience were corals, water life, sponge and wrecks are combining a true adventure ! Not to mention the caves reachable only under a diving route! Greek Products Abroad is proud to announce the new photography series session by Costas Ladas. ( ) Costas Ladas is a photographer and dive master based… Continue reading Underwater Greece .00

6 Traditional Guest Houses & Hotels to enjoy Greek Easter

Greek Easter is one of the most beautifull seasons in Greece. In the heart of the Spring, while the Greek nature is blooming and the landscapes are full of colors, gentle warming sunshines, family gatherings and rich of traditional culture, Greek Easter is the best time to visit Greece. Either to meet for the first… Continue reading 6 Traditional Guest Houses & Hotels to enjoy Greek Easter

Vasilikia Mountain Farm

HIP AWAY VILLAS This idyllic mountain retreat is located at an altitude of 990 m. outside the picturesque traditional village of Pavliani. The village itself, which marks the entrance to Oiti National Park, is divided into two parts, Ano (upper) and Kato (lower), separated by a distance of 2 km. The working farm is a… Continue reading Vasilikia Mountain Farm